{April 13, 2012}   Planning to make some magic this year!

Planning to make some magic this year!

A Facebook friend shared this…love it!


Tina says:

This is just what I needed to see, as my fears are pushing me back into my comfort zone despite all the work have done to crawl outta there!

Sometimes all one needs is little encouragement! So step away from the comfort one…nothing to see there. All the fun is outside it! πŸ™‚

Michelle says:

I absolutely love this illustration! So simple and so true.

It is simple, but hard to do when your comfort zone is really comfy!

Michelle says:

Oh, I know the feeling for sure! But I’ve definitely been pushing myself to take some risks, especially in the past two years.

That’s awesome! I guess I’m a slow learner. But better late than never!

Michelle says:

So true! Good luck on your journey!

Thanks! You, too!

Michelle says:

Thanks πŸ™‚

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