{May 20, 2012}   Hula-Hooping It Up!

How did you spend your Friday night? While our normal routine is enjoying take-out pizza and a DVD, we switched it up this weekend. After dinner, the boys and I Hula-Hooped! (Note: Hula-Hoop is a trademark for a brand name of hoop. The hoops we used were not Hula-Hoops. I don’t have a better name for the activity, so I’m going to call it hula-hooping but drop the capitalization.)

In fact, I hula-hooped for 15 minutes straight—no stopping or dropping the hoop. Who knew I could hula-hoop? Not me. I don’t recall being able to hula-hoop as a child. So the idea of hula-hooping as an adult for any length of time was hard to fathom. But then I didn’t have access to the Internet when I was a kid, so I didn’t know a few important things about hula-hooping.

1.) Size does matter. Smaller hoops, like the ones you find at a toy store, are made for children and are more difficult for adults to use. The larger (and weightier) the hoop, the easier it is to use. A hoop should stand somewhere between the hooper’s navel and shoulder.

2.) Where do you find these larger hoops? You can buy them online or create one yourself. After finding these easy directions, I asked my husband to craft one for me with a handful of supplies from Home Depot. It was easy-peasy lemon-squeezy, as the boys say. So he made a second one for Dylan.

The larger hoop makes all the difference. I had bought a smaller kid’s hoop (called a Wave Hoop) from Wal-Mart just to try it. I could use it, but I really had to twirl it quickly to keep it going. It takes a lot of energy and probably burns a lot of calories. But that’s not my idea of fun. Fortunately, it’s the right size for Jamie.

Using the larger hoop made it so simple for me to hula-hoop! It required virtually no effort—just a small rocking motion—to keep it going (which is the kind of “work-out” I prefer.) I would even call it relaxing.

I hula-hooped for 15 minutes  straight in our yard while the boys practiced with their own hoops, played in a big dirt pile from a landscaping project and took turns flinging off their shoes to see how far they would go. So it’s safe to say that watching me is not exciting.

This is why I want to learn some of the cool moves I saw in a hooping video posted on a friend’s Facebook page several months ago. While some people use the hoop for fitness, the woman in the video did nothing like that. It was more like a dance or performance art. Her graceful movements, spinning single and double hoops over her head and around her body, are silhouetted as the sun sets behind her. (Here’s the video.) Watching it, I’m entranced. I’m months—maybe years—away from a performance like that, but I’m determined to try. Look for a video in the future.

Want to know more about my 47 and fearless project? Click here.


tina says:

I certainly didn’t whoop it up Friday like you did! This is cool. If I were there, I would not have been distracted and watched your every move in awe (and to see if you had your tongue out in “concentration” like Phoebe does when she hula-hoops 🙂

Ha! I love that tongue-out-concentrating look! But it was so easy, I didn’t need to concentrate. You and the girls are welcome to use the hoops next time you visit…or I’ll bring them next time I see you. They really are fun to use!

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