{July 13, 2012}   Ahoy, Me Hearties! I Walked the Plank!

When I started my 47 and fearless project, I had to search out activities that pushed me outside my comfort zone. But a few months into it, opportunities are more plentiful than gold teeth in Captain Jack Sparrow’s mouth.

Last week, our family spent a couple days with our friend Mark and his boys, Hunter and Kasey, at their cabin near Eagle River, Wisconsin. (His lovely wife, Tracy, arrived later.)

When Mark mentioned we could take a cruise on a pirate ship, the boys were intrigued. When he added that we could walk the plank at the end of the ride, I was sold, too!

We reserved spots for our afternoon adventure with Pirates Hideaway on Duck Lake in Eagle River.

Captain Steve and his son, First Mate Stevo, manned the 50-foot pirate ship that they built from the ground up, and it’s seriously awesome. Flying the Jolly Roger and decked out with pirate decorations, it has treasure chests (to hold lifejackets), plenty of seating on two levels and glass (plastic?) sections in the floor of the lower deck to view the water below.

The relaxing two-hour cruise on the Chain of Lakes included popcorn, lemonade, great music and cool, hand-drawn tattoos by Captain Steve.

Passengers on passing boats couldn’t help but wave and take photos of the vessel—she be a right, fine ship! Scurvy dogs on one speedboat even attacked me mateys with water blasters—all in good swashbuckling fun!

When the ship returned to Duck Lake, the crew dropped anchor quite a distance from the dock and forced me hearties to walk the plank! (Just kidding…plank-walking is 100% voluntary.)

The plank extends a few feet from the top deck, so there is not much walking to be done. But standing directly above the water lookin’ two fathoms down can befuddle even an ol’ salt. Shiver me timbers! Thar be a great, grand way down!

The lasses shook a leg, walking the plank first (see video by Mark by clicking the link).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7-J2xYPzX8

If my last blog bragged on Dylan, who has amazed me with his growth in confidence, this one is about Jamie. He turned 5 a few weeks ago and was right behind me in line. I was in the water watching him as he stood on that plank. He looked terrified! I held my arms up to catch him, and on the count of 3, he jumped!

When I told him how brave he was, he said, “Mom, I wasn’t brave. I was scared.” I explained being brave means doing something even when you are scared.

Dylan, who had told me he was “not going to think about it and just do it,” jumped next. Guess I not be raisin’ any lily-livered lads!

Kasey and Hunter followed, and each of us jumped at least twice more before it was time to reboard the vessel and head back to shore.

All in all, it was a right grand adventure on the high seas with memories we be treasurin’ for a long time to come. Arr!


Michelle says:

Oh my gosh, looks like you had a blast! What fun 🙂 And it’s so great that you are teaching your kids the real meaning of bravery: to do something in spite of being afraid. Love the pictures and video!

Thank you, Michelle! It really was lot of fun! And I’m so proud of both boys for taking the plunge. It was great for building their self-confidence. 🙂

Michelle says:

Also, “opportunities are more plentiful than gold teeth in Captain Jack Sparrow’s mouth” made me crack up. Good one!

The boys are very much into the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and LEGO sets, so I hear about Cap’n Jack a lot…when I’m not stepping on his sword or compass with my bare feet! 😉

Dolores Kastello says:

What a ‘Laugh out loud’ adventure! Jamie- you were awesome! Looks like you all enjoyed the whole cruise. You sure do have a knack of finding great things to do. Go for it!

Thanks, Mom! I bet you’re as proud of your grandsons as I am! It definitely was a ship-load of fun! Now, on to our next adventure… 🙂

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