I love the idea of having a bucket list for each year, rather than one big list that has no specific deadline. (OK, it does have a deadline–your death. But who has that on their calendar?)

Check out this yearly list by Bucket List Publications. I like that the author acknowledges things that are already in the works and going to happen (deliver her baby daughter) as well things that are simple to do if she makes them happen (see a sunrise, visit a new state).

Read more here:¬†What’s Left for Your 2012 Bucket List?.

Now what are you waiting for???  Make a list and then make it happen!


{April 26, 2012}   Discomfort = Growth?

Discomfort = Growth?

Does pushing yourself outside your comfort zone cause you discomfort? That might not be a bad thing. Read on by clicking the link above…

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