42 down; 5 to go!

Here are the new things I’ve tried since April 4, 2012:

1. Write a blog

2. Throw a pot

3. Go rollerblading

4. Operate a backhoe

5. Learn to blow glass

6. Glaze pottery

7. Hula-hoop for 15 minutes without stopping or dropping the hoop

8. Go on body slide and Hurricane Vortex water ride at Key Lime Cove Indoor Waterpark

9. Taste chocolate-dipped bacon at ChocolateFest in Burlington, Wisconsin

10. Color my hair at home

11. Visit New York City

12. Share a moment with Neil Patrick Harris

13. Go indoor rock climbing

14. Walk the plank on a pirate ship

15. Frolf

16. Tour Old World Wisconsin in Eagle, Wisconsin

17. Tie-dye T-shirts

18. Learn to belly dance

19.  Complete 5K obstacle course: the Dirty Girl Mud Run

20. Travel 135 mph in NASCAR racecar

21. Had CAT scan of my head

22. Go zip lining

23. Carve pumpkins with power tools

24. Fire handguns at shooting range

25. Get hypnotized

26. Design a parade float

27. Learn to make bead earrings

28. Fly kites at Cool Fool Kite Festival

29. Get my nose pierced

30. Try aerial yoga

31: Paint with acrylics

32. Do the Polar Plunge

33. Shop at a junkyard

34. Reclaim a damaged mirror

35. Go snow tubing

36. Make homemade soft pretzels

37. Indulge in authentic deep-dish pizza in Chicago

38. Create my own fragrance

39. Make a bucket book

40. Visit the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

41. Tour Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

42. Create cloisonne jewelry


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