Here are ideas, many suggested by family and friends, for new things to try:

Etch glass

Audition for a play

Go geocaching

Learn to crack a whip

Make latte art like a barista

Meet Tina Fey

Try out hamster ball/hamster wheel for humans

Kayak the sea caves in Lake Superior

47 @ 47 Photo Challenge

Try paddleboarding

Go frolfing (which I now know is frisbee golfing)

Feed backyard birds from my hand

Learn to ride a unicycle

Try limburger cheese

Visit the National Mustard Museum

Bake Grandma Molly’s air buns (The recipe makes 92 and just doesn’t work if you make only half, says my mom)

Catch a bigger fish than my brother Joe

Visit 4, 10 or ? state capitals/stadiums/presidential homes/or famous buildings. Are there 47 state parks in Wisconsin?

Drop in to visit 47 classmates/friends without calling first. Camera ready for proof.

Write letters to 47 people you respect/admire and ask for an inspirational quote and their autograph. Would make an awesome scrapbook.

Pet the nose of a baby grey whale in Luguna San Ignacio, Baja

Learn to juggle

Go rock climbing

Belly dance

Go deer hunting

Raise $1,000 for breast cancer research

Drive a racecar

Ride a mechanical bull

Fly an airplane

Go ziplining

Learn to knit

Karaoke in front of 4+7 or more people

Make maple syrup

Sing with a polka band

Play any instrument

Work a day at a food pantry

Shovel snow at Lambeau Field

Do the Polar Plunge

Become a puppy mama

Visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Scuba dive


Take boys to Legoland Florida

Drive a motorcycle

Make homemade soft pretzels

Swim with dolphins

Visit New York City

Go skeet shooting

Sky dive

Pole dance for my husband

Take a ride in a hot air balloon

Downhill ski

Work with hot glass

Ski the Birkebeiner

Get a Brazilian wax

Learn to hula dance

Participate in the Dirty Girl Mud Run

Walk over hot coals


Mike Beno says:

Make Maple Syrup
Sing With a Polka Band
Play any instrument
Work a day at Food Pantry
Shovel Snow at Lambeau Field

Great ideas, Mike! I will add them to the list. Thanks!

tina says:

Don’t forget KAROKE (must sing in front of 4+7 or more people)

I’ll consider it, but it does seem unusually cruel to those 4+7 people!

Mike B. says:

Play golf. I can lend you clubs. An easy game to learn, a lifetime to master. And in any round, you’ll hit one or two good shots that a pro couldn’t hit better (which is what makes you come back the next time, because you tell yourself, “Hey, with a little practice I could be pretty good at this game!” And then the hook is in!

Thanks, Mike! I have clubs. I have golfed. I usually hit the ball straight…just not very far. I enjoyed it. Then I took a lesson, and it was all over. Too much thinking. I couldn’t hit a thing. May be I’ll start a different list of things to do for next year: Second Chances–Things I’ve Tried But Suck At. (No. 1 on the list: Titling Lists.)

Wendy says:

Kayak the sea caves in Lake Superior! The Moylans will help!

Sounds awesome! I’m in!!!

[…] I must give credit where credit is due.  I would not have written out a bucket list were it not for the blogs of these two lovely ladies: Lesley Carter and Julie […]

ellen says:

Audition for a play! Bet you’d get a part sassy! I could come see you!

Egads! I don’t think I could do it! Major stagefright. Plus I’m not so good at memorizing lines. Though maybe those are good reasons to add the idea to my bucket list. Thanks!

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